These complex cases require that we combine our resources.

Nastasi Partners, with the other experts who are preparing to fight for shareholder recovery (Energyzt and StoneTurn Group), realize that these cases are massively complex with many moving parts.

We ask all shareholders who can contribute, especially those who have the most at risk – and the most to gain in success – to help support our legal efforts.  We are a self-funded group, and although we have retained counsel, our team of professionals cannot be limited by funding constraints.

SUNEQ shareholders, from all walks of life and corners of the Earth, have such great faith in Renewable Energy that many have literally invested their life savings in it.  Many of us have been shocked and devastated from being treated so unfairly by SunEdison, especially those on fixed incomes, young families, students trying to save for college, and people living in developing countries who have seen the benefits of Renewables firsthand and believed in SunEdison’s promise, yet have become locked into this struggle with no good way out.

SUNEQ shareholders deserve to be effectively represented in this Reorganization and the Steering Committee has retained the best legal legal counsel and advisers available.   All we need to do now is to ensure that they are fully funded.

Contributions may be made online HERE by credit card, but we understand that very large contributions should be handled privately and, if necessary, with consult of counsel.  Please contact us for assistance with making large contributions via ETF or other means.


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