“Who is leading this group?”

The SUNEQ Equity Holders Group is led by a four-member Steering Committee charged with contracting and communicating with professional representatives, managing group membership data and financial resources, and involving the broader group members as needed.


“What do I need to provide in order to join this group?”

This is a shareholders group being represented in SunEdison’s Chapter 11 cases.  One simply needs to provide verification that she or he is a current SUNEQ shareholder.  Most recent monthly or quarterly asset statement (brokerage or other institution showing the shares) with account number redacted (blacked out) will suffice.  Screen shots or web page printouts are not accepted, as they are just too easily made up or falsified.


“What happens with my information?  Is this all confidential?”

Yes, all Personal Information (PI) remains confidential.  Phone numbers, email addresses, and other PI will not be shared in any way.


“If I join this group, does that mean I can’t sell my SUNEQ shares?”

No, nor do we advise on disposing or adding shares at any time, for any reason.  Anyone can sell or purchase SUNEQ shares at any time.  However, if a group member does change their holdings, we request that the member inform us so records may be updated accordingly.


“I am outside of the United States.  Can I still participate?”

Yes.  If your account statements are in a language other than English, you may provide a translated version, or we will look into having it translated as needed.


“I sold all of my SunEdison stock already.  Can I still participate?”

This group is for current SUNEQ shareholders only.   If you decide to take a new position in SUNEQ shares, of course you may participate by providing documentary evidence of those holdings.


“Who is paying for professional and administrative fees?”

This is a self-funded group.  Without contributions from our own membership, there is no defense of our interests, and cancellation of all shares is virtually guaranteed.   As separate individuals, we are each unable to afford high quality professional representation.   However, by pooling our resources, we are able to afford some of the best restructuring professionals in the Turnaround Industry.


“Do I need to pay anything in order to join the group?   I don’t have a credit card.”

No, contribution is not required.  However, should you want to contribute towards saving the value of your own investments, but don’t have a compatible credit card, please contact us for other options.


“Can I have someone else contribute for me, even though they own no SUNEQ shares?”

Yes.  Contributions may be made by anyone, regardless of whether or not any SUNEQ shares are owned.


“Can I get my contribution back if I decide to sell my all of my SUNEQ holdings?”

Contributions are pooled into one fund for the defense of all shares.  Contributions are not counted on the basis of how many shares are owned.  Changes in individual share counts don’t trigger refunds of contributions.   If there are any unused funds at the end of these cases, each member is entitled to a refund based on the prorated portion of her or his contributions as a percentage of the total funds received from all contributors.


“Who do I contact with other questions?”

For those who wish to contribute significantly and privately to our funding, please email us and we will respond promptly:  funding@SUNEQ-equity.com

For SUNEQ shareholders who would like to join our group in defending Equity interests:  join@SUNEQ-equity.com

For media outlets who would like additional information, including arranged contact with counsel:  media@SUNEQ-equity.com

For those with any other questions, please email: help@SUNEQ-equity.com


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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