ACTION NEEDED:   ‘SUNEQ’ SHAREHOLDERS, complete the form on this page to affirm your support for defending Shareholders’ Interests!   This is your chance to change the trajectory of this Chapter 11!

CLICK HERE to read Shareholders’ Objection to the Disclosure Statement

NEW:  CONFERENCE CALL INVITATIONS will be extended to Shareholders in phases.  When you are contacted regarding joining a conference call, you will be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that information given will be held in strict confidentiality and recipients are bound as such.

An Urgent Call to Action - all SunEdison (SUNEQ) shareholders

A SunEdison Chapter 11 restructuring is threatening to destroy all of our investments.   Our group of shareholders has united to hire legal counsel to fight back against the proposed Plan of Reorganization and to defend our Equity.

We’re asking all SUNEQ common shareholders, including you, to join our group today and contribute to the legal defense fund that fuels our efforts.

Without the immediate intervention of our legal counsel and experts, we stand to lose everything.

In joining this fight, we need to show the Court we have a significant percentage of shareholders who all speak with one voice.

This unified Group, with our professionals, will work to enable shareholders to:

  • Object to SunEdison’s plan to exit bankruptcy – which currently proposes to eliminate all equity interests
  • Conduct discovery to find out what happened to our investments and identify possible claims against those who benefited most

If you are a shareholder and you don’t want to lose the value of your investments, now is the time to act.

Only a massive group can sway the Court’s opinion.  And only a large legal defense fund can ensure that our counsel and experts have the power and resources needed to put up a successful fight.

We are on the way to achieving that, but we are still fighting this legal battle and court deadlines are approaching fast.  Please learn about our team and join our efforts.  Reach out to us for more information. And spread the word.

By providing the below information and signing this petition, you are pledging your support for SunEdison Shareholder Group to represent your interest in this Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.

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